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Google Adwords Management

Managing from Keyword to Conversion

Adwords is Self-Service Advertising

That is why SMS exists. Our business is designed exclusively to manage Adwords - we do one thing and we do it exceptionally well. Our staff can do in a few minutes what takes several hours for others. The reason is not that we have some magical skills, but it's all we do. Google Adwords is a mix of technology and marketing and our staff and organization is uniquely qualified and organized to serve that.

The following are specific items that we perform as part of the maintenance agreement. Not every function is performed every month for every client but all are performed as needed to provide professional management of your advertising investment.

Executive Report

On a regular schedule SMS reviews your account and discusses the results at a managerial level. This Executive Report communicates results and recommendations within the Adwords strategy. While computer reports are great for simple math and presenting column data they completely fail on those things that require logical leaps and that is what marketing is. Your Adwords Expert examines your specific account performance and reports to your management on the opportunities and risks. We present the issues you need to understand to make strategic decisions for your business. Our reports include specific actionable recommendations and upon your approval we execute the implementation of the recommendations.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides a management level summary of the key performance indicators. For some businesses different traffic elements have different meaning and value so we commonly modify the dashboard to fit your specific business. Common information on this report includes traffic distribution, conversions, costs, and Top 10 keywords. This keeps key executives up to date on this part of the business. We provide the information you need without burying you in the raw data.

Phone Consultation

SMS provides phone consultation on topics related to the management of Adwords. If the client wants extended consultation on items not related to the routine operation of Adwords it will be performed as an additional service and billed to the client. This service is available at different levels to fit your business requirements.

Work with Other Marketing Team Members

Adwords is not a self-contained universe and it must interact with the other parts of your marketing strategy. We are team players that work well with your Internet Marketing and General Marketing Team. We commonly work with Web Designers, Copywriters, Web Programmers, Graphic Artists, SEO Experts, and Brand Managers. Adwords can be valuable marketing research for these specialists and we can work with them to understand what the numbers are trying to say.

Competitive Reviews

Competitors are not dumb nor do they sit idly by as you scoop up market share. This is an on-going battle and the competitors constantly change as the game unfolds. A good competitive review will detect what competitors are doing and how you might react to that. Competitive reviews are available at different levels to fit your business requirements.

Click Fraud Monitoring

We review accounts monthly for signs of fraud. Fraud detection is an incredibly complex issue and what we watch for are large abuses. This is designed to supplement other protection and should never be considered a complete solution or protection from fraud. Your first line of defense is Google's automation that results in invalid clicks being removed from your account. What we look for are the patterns that automation cannot see. Clients are advised to continue their own due-diligence and consider this just one more set of eyes watching out for things that do not fit.

Google Adwords System Updates/Alerts

The Google Adwords System is constantly changing and in the typical year we see 3-4 major system updates with many minor changes going on all throughout the year. SMS monitors all changes in the Google Adwords system and we notify clients about changes that apply to their business. We also monitor Google Alerts for client names and other critical keywords this keeps us aware of what is being found by Google related to our clients.

Advertisement Split Testing

Nobody knows how your traffic will respond to a specific advertisement so testing is a continual process. We set up and evaluate split testing as needed to test new ad copy. This process is critical to improving your advertising performance and can often tell you things about your traffic that is important to other parts of your business. The difference in ad copy response rates would startle many people. The selection of one word instead of another can result in doubling the effectiveness of your Adwords investment. We conduct ad reviews not only by the individual account, but also across all our clients. This shows us patterns that a single client would never discover.

Search Query Report

A SQR tells us the actual search terms that Google matched to the keywords. We review this for searches that do not fit the client's business and then design controls to exclude bad traffic without removing good traffic. Our tools in this process include using the different match types of Exact, Phrase, and Broad, in combination with negative keywords at the campaign or adgroup level. This process reduces the number of impressions, which increases your CTR and ultimately saves you lots of money.

Placement Review

Adwords provides a placement report for the content network that tells us what web sites are displaying the content network ads. SMS uses this the same way as a search query to decide what sites do not serve our clients and then use tools inside Adwords to exclude poor performing sites.

Bid/Position Review

We review accounts on a regular basis to bring the account into the strategy we have agreed to with the client. Adwords is an on-going auction and it is very dynamic and just like any other auction it is a good idea to raise and lower your paddle at the right time and not just hold it up there.

Keyword Expansion

Keyword research is never complete because of the creativity of people with a blank search box. We continually work to expand into keywords that nobody ever thought of. Every client we have ever talked to has known their top keywords but they almost never understand all the variations that happen from there in search. Few clients understand negative keywords or the shifting in perspective involved in search versus content keywords.

And whatever it takes!

SMS provides a full range of services for our clients so when the project requires Adwords or Search Engine Expertise we can fill that role. We are experts in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Text Optimization.

All at an Affordable Cost

We have clients that spend a few hundred dollars a month and some that spend over $100k a month and we can design services to fit both of these.

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