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Do You Have Access to Webmaster Tools?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


The first question you might ask here is why is an AdWords Expert writing about Webmaster Tools. The answer is because it is possible to have problems with your AdWords Account that can only be fixed by Webmaster tools. I know this is unexpected to most because Webmaster tools are not connected to AdWords and they are more of an organic focused traffic tool.
The problem surfaces when the site is hit with malware because while AdWords will be disabled and it can only be reset in Webmaster Tools. This requires that you have access to them and that requires that you have a verified connection. To do this first you need to go to:
To get started you need to add a site to your webmaster tools account and then you have to verify your access. This verification process is done by uploading a file to the root directory of the website. To start click on the orange “Add A Site” button in the upper right hand section of the screen.
Once the site has been added you need to verify your access to this. This is done by uploading a file to the root directory of the site (where your home page is)

Recommended: HTML file upload Upload an HTML file to your site.
1. Download this HTML verification file. [google29efd3934a808ef2.html]
2. Upload the file to
3. Confirm successful upload by visiting http://www. in your browser.
4. Click Verify below.
To stay verified, don’t remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

The file can be downloaded using the link on item one. You should then save this to your site directory. Once the file is there then you can confirm it using the link in step three. It is important that this file remain exactly as is. You cannot rename it to something that you think is better documentation and you need to make sure that the internals of the page remain as is.
Once the site is verified the really fun stuff starts to happen in that you can start learning what the data in Webmaster tools means to your business. Connecting your Webmaster tools to your Google Analytics also opens even more data in Analytics and that is done here after the site is verified.

Click on the Manage site button next to the site you want to connect to a Google Analytics profile. Then click on the Google Analytics property selection. This will give you a list of all the Google Analytics Accounts under your profile. Once you find the profile you want to connect to just click on the option dot and then go to the bottom and save the changes.

There is no tech support for Webmaster Tools that we can find inside Google, but if you are an active advertiser you might try that support line or if you are a client just give me a call. Otherwise you can try the email support.