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Competing with Unlicensed Plumbers

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

You worked hard to get your Plumbing License by learning the trade and proving those skills. Unlicensed Plumbers on the other hand operate outside the law and create an unfair competition. Unlicensed plumbers often bid jobs lower because the work is done without permits, inspections, or necessary insurance. This results in a lower cost with a hidden risk that the customer often does not understand. One job for your marketing is to help the consumer understand why that low bid maybe the most expensive option they have.

Promote Your License

Putting your license upfront in your marketing it will cause some clients to ask your competitor for their license. Make sure that your website and marketing materials push the value of using a licensed plumber and make it easy for people to verify. Find how consumers can verify licenses in your state and find your license in the system. Then connect your site directly to that page so it’s just one click to validate your license. You worked hard to get licensed and you need to really promote this.

Action Item: Include Your License on business cards and quotes

Promote Checking Licenses

Verifying a license Very few home owners are looking for unlicensed plumbers and most of the time it is simply that they fail to check. Make sure on your quotes, business cards, and other items that you are likely to give the home owner that you include how to check a license.

Action Item: Find State Website page to verify your license and connect to your website

Keep Track of Local Horror Stories

In marketing there is nothing more powerful than a great story. Almost every community has had the news story of something very bad happening because an unlicensed individual performed a task outside their skill set. Make sure you get copies of these stories and keep them as part of your presentation to prospective clients. Make sure you keep the internet page address (URL) so prospects can independently verify the story and keep a good quality full color print in your sales book.

Action Item: Build a book of local horror stories of unlicensed work and scams

Report Unlicensed Plumbers – the Bad Guys

Reporting Unlicensed Plumbers is a service to your industry and community and ultimately it’s good for your business. . If you lose a deal to an unknown competitor, especially when you lose big based on price; make sure you verify the license. If you find they are unlicensed; do your civic duty and report them. The complaint process is often designed for consumer reporting but you can provide what you factually know and let the enforcing agency gather the rest. If you want to stay out of the documentation most states will accept anonymous submissions in writing but not online.

Action Item: Report all work you suspect is being performed by Unlicensed Plumbers

Include Your License in Your Ads

AdWords has very little space but putting your license in one the body lines can do two things for you. First is that it separates your ad and makes it stand out and that can be good for you. This will need to be tested but it is one concept of how to leverage the license you worked very hard to get.

Vehicle Wraps – Mobile Billboards for Your Plumbing Business

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

If you need to jump start your plumbing business, the most logical rst step is to advertise. According to a study held by the American Trucking Association, 91% of people notice visuals and words displayed on trucks. Why not create a moving billboard? Turn your vehicle into a marketing machine!

Vehicle graphics replace expensive custom paint jobs. The lower cost solution is used to create “moving billboards” for those seeking to promote their business. Vinyl material is placed on the car, covering the paint surface. The material is designed for long term use, but can be professionally removed, if desired, after an advertising campaign is completed. Vehicle graphics can be completed on any type of vehicle, such as vans, box trucks, eet trucks, or everyday family cars. The typical cost for vehicle graphics ranges from $500 to $5,000, depending upon the amount of vinyl used and the complexity of the installation.

“Vehicle graphics are a cost eective way to promote your business,” said Paul Ferroggiaro, founder of GenoaGraphix, a premier vehicle graphics specialist. “We are excited to offer our customers a progressive way to advertise their business and create brand awareness everyday, all day, wherever they go. Graphics can be designed to produce eye-catching results. The image and message desired, as well as the vehicle make, shape, and size, will determine the style of graphics. Whether it is a conservative image, or even a humorous look you wish to convey, a professional company can create a design to be proud of.

When researching companies to wrap your vehicle, ask specic questions. Only top of the line materials should be used. Applications need to be completed only by trained professionals, preferably those who have earned the coveted 3M certication. Just as you want your customers to call you, the professional, when they have plumbing issues, be sure to contact an expert when transforming your vehicle into an advertising machine. For more information on vehicle graphics or email Paul Ferroggiaro